My Books

I began sharing my writing on Wattpad in 2010, and before long gained quite the following. Currently, I’m just shy of 100,000 followers on the story-sharing platform. In 2012, when I was seventeen, I was offered a book deal by Random House UK (now Penguin Random House), and subsequently have three books published with them, as well as a novella with Accent Press for the Quick Reads scheme 2015.

My first published novel, The Kissing Booth, is available in paperback and ebook form, and has so far been translated into Spanish, Greek, Turkish, and Hungarian. On Wattpad, it accumulated over 19 million reads.
It tells the story of Elle, whose crush on her best-friend’s older brother grows into something a lot more when she ends up on a kissing booth for the school carnival…
You can read a sample of it on Wattpad.
You can also read the companion novella exclusive on Wattpad.

Similarly, Rolling Dice started out on Wattpad, and is now available in paperback and ebook.
It revolves around Madison, who moves to a new school and makes a drastic shift from ‘Fatty Maddy’ to being a popular girl, and is just struggling to find where she fits in.
You can read a sample of it on Wattpad.

My third novel with Random House, Out of Tune, was published in 2014.
It follows Ashley – who’s, actually, pretty happy with her pretty good life. That is, until there’s a new boy next door, Todd, and he makes her reevaluate everything.
You can read a sample of it on Wattpad.
You can also read a short prequel novella on Wattpad.

in March 2015, my novella Cwtch Me If You Can (yes, that says ‘cwtch’, not ‘catch’ – it’s Welsh for a cuddle), was published with Accent Press for Quick Reads 2015 – a program that aims to encourage adult literacy.
It’s (quite literally) a quick read, about Alex, who considers herself the world’s biggest romantic – and promptly gets her heart broken. Not for the first time. Can she learn to let someone else in, or will she shut new love out forever?


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