Hello, 2017! – an update from me 

Hey, folks! I know I’ve been pretty absent
for a while, and I’m really sorry about that. I completely fell off the radar
with the blog, even Twitter, and also my Wattpad projects.

Some of you will know I started a new grad
job in September where I have to study for an accounting qualification. This
meant that while exams were going on, I spent October to early December doing
nothing but working or studying or sleeping. I watched a little TV on the train
on the way to work, and I had most of the day off for Bonfire Night to go to
Exeter. I didn’t even start Christmas shopping until a week into December (and
usually I’m all over it by the time November starts, so this was not like me at

(Also, if you fail the exams twice, you’re
out of the job. No pressure or anything.)

So, yeah. Hopefully you guys can see why
everything completely fell away. I didn’t even get out to see my friends, or
just watch Netflix for a couple of hours on the weekend. 

BUT. It’s a new year, and all that jazz –
and more importantly, I don’t have to go back to college until late March, so I
might actually have some time to myself again!

I’ve got a bunch of stuff I’m really
excited about this year, and I wanted to share some of them with you.

I’ll be back with new uploads of Betting Boy, my New
Adult romance on Wattpad for The Cheaters Club.

  • Read the story so far here.
  • Follow The Cheaters Club on Wattpad and
    check out the other stories.
  • Follow The Cheaters Club on Twitter.

I’ve got a story I wrote that I’ll be
editing (no more deets on this one for you yet, but maybe soon!)

I’ve got another story that I started a
while back that I want to get back to working on once I’ve edited the story I
mentioned above. Plus, I need to work some more on Betting Boy. 

Writing Wednesdays posts will be back! I’ve
set up a blogging calendar for myself and organised posts until August (I just
need to actually write them all now haha).

I’m also going to start a new blog series
on Sundays, once a fortnight: Social Media for Writers, with how-tos and advice
posts. Keep an eye out for more info on these! They’ll kick off in February.

 I also have a couple of other little bits and
pieces I’m working on (a foreword for a project, a non-fiction book I
contributed to that’s out soon, maybe a couple of events)…

And not to mention The Kissing Booth movie
is all going on at the moment! It’s in pre-production as a Netflix Original
right now, but when there’s more info to share, I’ll be sharing, don’t you
worry. (Check out #TKBmovie on Twitter for all the updates!)

What are you most excited about? I’d love
to hear your thoughts!

Ooh, and if you have any ideas for Writing
Wednesdays posts or Social Media for Writers posts that you’d like to see,
shoot me a message or Tweet me to let me know!

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