Exams are over, and you guys know what that means… I’m back, baby! And it’s announcement time! 💁 Some of you who read on #Wattpad might have read The Cheaters Club by @therebeccasky (if not, I’d recommend – it’s an NA romance, so for older readers, and it was a really enjoyable read!) Well, Rebecca has something awesome lined up starting in June, and I’m thrilled to be involved: since The Cheaters Club was so popular, a bunch of writers are writing stories that are sort of spin-offs of The Cheaters Club, involving the club somehow. In case you haven’t guessed yet: I’m one of the writers joining in on this exciting project! I’m crazy excited to be involved with this and to be writing on Wattpad again. So, starting in June, I will be uploading a story called BETTING BOY, an #NA #romance (so it may have some more mature/older content than my other Wattpad books). Over the next week I’ll be able to release more exciting things about Betting Boy, including a teaser summary and a cover (yay!) Make sure you’re following me on Wattpad (@Reekles) and following my blog (link in bio), as well as @thecheatersclub here on insta! 😘 xo

via Instagram http://ift.tt/1YFQjU4

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