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Writing Wednesdays: A Day in the Life – Summer Holidays with Beth Reekles

When I see news articles about myself, being called ‘Dickens
of the iPad generation’, a TIME ‘Most Influential Teen’, etc., it seems really
bizarre. Because reading these news articles about myself makes me feel as
though, on the outside, I have this uber-impressive lifestyle.

The reality?

Over the summer holidays, I’ve not been too great at getting
up early. Don’t get me wrong, I love being up early because then I’ve got an
entire day ahead of me – but, it turns out that my body loves a lie-in more
than my mind likes to be working early in the day.

Breakfast (the ever exciting meal of toast and tea), maybe
an episode of Hollyoaks or Homes Under the Hammer, if I’m not up early.

I’ve been volunteering at one of the local libraries over
the summer: I’m there four days a week (not Tuesday, because it’s closed then),
and work 11am-3pm. The voluntary role is to help with the kids and promote the Summer
Reading Challenge to them (they read six books over the summer from the
library, and get stickers throughout, and a medal at the end). But I’ve been
helping out with returns, shelving, etc., and sometimes I’m sat there reading!

When I’m not at the library working, if I’ve got no plans to
go anywhere, once I’m dressed, I’ve either been doing some studying ahead for
my classes when I go back to uni in September, or I’ve been on my laptop
researching: postgraduate courses, graduate schemes and jobs, or things to do
with social media and blogs.

I’ve been really busy this summer with my online profile
(mainly my blog, as you can probably tell…), trying to make my already existing
posts the best they can be, writing new posts, looking for more ideas for
content, and trying to optimise all of my social networks and sites for SEO and
grow my audience.

I also decided, early on this summer, that I don’t like
working at the desk in my room. It’s more of a vanity desk than something to
work at – plus, the giant mirror is really distracting, and I can’t move it
because my room is all fitted. So I’ve taken to sitting on a stool against my
bed/chest of drawers, with a fold-out table near my bedroom window. SO much
better! I love the natural light to work with.

Lunch, early afternoon. Sometimes I’ve been going to the gym
– sometimes, with my sister, or with my dad, or by myself. So whether or not I
go with someone determines what time of day I go.

More the same as the morning’s activities, then.

When I feel like it, then, I’m doing writing. I’ve been
working on my newest story, I Like Meryl Streep More Than You Do, which I
started for Camp NaNo in July. Those of you who’ve been reading all my writing
posts know that I don’t like to force myself to write if I’m not really in the
mood, though. And I’ve ended up being so occupied looking into digital
marketing that sometimes I just haven’t been in the mood to write anything but
blog posts! I’ve managed to get some writing done in my lunch breaks at the
library, too.

Oh, and reading, of course. I’ve been doing most of my
reading whilst away on holiday, or because I’ve started reading a book in the
library and want to finish it when I get home that afternoon, to take back the
next day and get a new one out.

Tea (or, dinner, whatever you want to call it), I usually
have with my family, or at least my sister. In the evening, I’m usually on my
blog (again) or something, and watch some TV shows with my family.

Throughout the day, I’ve got my phone next to me so I’m
always checking emails and notifications, and I’ve been reading over the summer
too. Sometimes I’ll meet up with my friends, or go out somewhere shopping, but
this is a typical day for me! Less than exciting, mostly spent in a hoodie and
jeans (or something smarter if I’m off to the library), and with my mum tutting
at how messy my room is getting throughout the day.

So, to dispel any misconceptions, I’m not living a
beyond-glamourous, Made-in-Chelsea-esque lifestyle (ha! I wish!). The book
events are few and far between, usually, so a typical day for me is probably a
lot like yours!

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