as you guys may have noticed, I’ve been adding images to my blog posts this summer – via authorbethreekles on Tumblr

and after watching a webinar from Saturday by The Nectar Collective, I realised I had messed up along the line: whilst I’d made graphics for each Writing Wednesday post (and even titled the image files appropriately), and whilst I’ve been keeping to a similar theme and layout of the images in my #beth blogs posts, it still wasn’t right.

Because the old Writing Wednesday post images were garish, amateur, and the only consistency was the font. I’d made them in an app on my phone, but for all the other blog images I make using license-free stock photos or my own photos, I’ve been using – which I absolutely LOVE.

So I spent a couple of hours today re-creating all the Writing Wednesday images, adding them into their respective post, and then having to re-pin each of those posts on my Pinterest board. (No biggie, right?) So now, I’ve got some really lovely graphics for Writing Wednesdays, as you can see! The coloured box on the image changes colour depending on the theme of the post (eg. red for character advice, pink for publishing, etc.) so you can pick out the posts you’re interested in more easily. Plus, they totally fit in with the aesthetic of the graphics I’ve created for other blog posts. I’m SO happy that’s fixed now! What do you think of them?

And be sure to follow my Pinterest boards to stay updated with the different tags on my blog.

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